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Formal Recruitment 2022 Dates - 

Sisterhood Day: Saturday, October 1st
Philanthropy Day: Sunday, October 2nd
Preference Night: Monday, October 3rd
Bid Day: Tuesday, October 4th


To register for formal fall recruitment, please visit this site. 

Registration begins July 1st and will remain open until the Friday before recruitment begins, September 30th.


To find out more information, please visit the Santa Clara Panhellenic Council Facebook page or the Santa Clara Panhellenic Instagram profile.

Email @dgzemembership with any inquiries!

Recruitment FAQs:


What should I wear?




Do I need a letter of recommendation?






No one in my family has been in Greek life. Does this matter?

What is the best advice you received about recruitment?

Dress to your style - wear what you feel comfortable and confident in.  Above all, be yourself!  Here are some general suggestions for level of formality by day - 

Sisterhood Day: dress as if you were going to grab lunch with some friends at a sit-down restaurant.

Philanthropy Day: dress as if you were headed to brunch with your extended family; this day is slightly more formal than Sisterhood Day.

Preference Night: dress as if you were going to a homecoming dance; this is the most formal day of recruitment.

Bid Day: wear comfortable shoes and whichever bottoms you choose; you will receive a t-shirt when you arrive at the house! Many people wear jeans or jean shorts, but anything goes!

Nope!  Recommendation letters are not required at all, and not having a letter will have zero impact on your recruitment experience at DG.  But, if you do know a family member or friend who is currently a member of any DG chapter or is an alumna of Delta Gamma, there is absolutely no downside to having them write a recommendation letter.

Nope!  We only care about meeting and getting to know YOU.  Be yourself and let your individuality shine!

Be yourself! Don't get caught up in what you may perceive any chapter's expectations to be during recruitment. We want to know what makes you, YOU.  As well, ask any questions you have, no matter how silly you think they are!

A note from our vp:membership, Kennedy Brown ...

Future and current SCU students:


The Santa Clara community is something extremely special that sets us apart from other universities. Greek life is a great way to get involved and meet people within the university, and is often the highlight of many people's college experience. I am so excited for you all; enjoy all that Santa Clara has to offer and have the best four years of your life! I wish you the best with formal recruitment and any other actives you choose to take on during your career at SCU.


I can't wait to see you in the fall!


Kennedy Brown

vp: membership

Delta Gamma, Zeta Epsilon chapter

Santa Clara University '23

AlumnaRecommendation Letters

Instructions for alumnae looking to write recommendation letters for potential new members who are planning to participate in formal recruitment:

1. Go to

2. Log in using your member number or existing account

3. Scroll down to "Quick Tools" and click on "Recommendation Form" *you may have to log in again, using the same credentials* 

4. Select "Create a recommendation for a Potential New Member"

5. Complete the form to the best of your ability

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