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Doing Good Since 1873

At Santa Clara, our Panhellenic community takes immense pride in our philanthropic work. Members of Delta Gamma are certainly encouraged, and expected, to participate in the charitable events of the other sororities and fraternities at Santa Clara. Each house has an identified national cause in which they dedicate their time and energy to help bring awareness and make a difference in the lives of others. 

Service for Sight

We, as sisters of the Delta Gamma Fraternity, have dedicated our efforts to assisting the visually impaired. As the first national women's fraternity with their own foundation, the Delta Gamma Foundation is a multi faceted organization that includes Service for Sight, Golden Anchor and Joining Forces. Service for Sight, the most prominent of the three, includes all of our sister's dedication to assisting the blind. To read more about Service for Sight, click here. The Golden Anchor program is focused on assisting the elderly that may experience difficulty seeing. The last and newest of the three programs, Joining Forces, is a partnership between the United States military and our fraternity in which we support veterans who may have experienced eyesight problems, eye-related combat injuries, etc. because of their involvement in the military. 

Philanthropy Events

Puppies and Pizza

As a chapter, we put on two events annually that support our Foundation. In the winter, we will hold the event Puppies and Pizza, the invention of our previous Vice President Foundation, Quincey Gilbert. At the event, we bring in puppies and dogs from a local organization that raises seeing eye dogs, called Growing Guides. We then charge members of our community to come and play with the puppies and eat pizza at the DG Mansion! The profit we make from this event goes both to the Delta Gamma Foundation as well as the Growing Guides organization.


Anchor Slam

The second, and larger of the two events, is our annual Anchor Slam event. Anchor Slam is a 3-on-3 basketball tournament that has become one of the most anticipated philanthropy events in the community. This past event, we had a food truck, a dunk tank, Red Bull, puppies from Growing Guides, cookies from Nox Cookie Bar, and participants from each sorority, fraternity, and a plethora of other clubs and organizations at SCU. All of the proceeds from this event went to our Foundation supporting the visually impaired community. 

Other Events

Zeta Epsilon chapter is consistently looking to support other charitable causes and stay active in social justice issues.  Each member is encouraged to share their ideas for fundraisers and awareness events that support causes she is passionate about.  As a result, our chapter has put on events to support a number of different causes: The World Wildlife Fund, Remember Their Voices, women's empowerment, Second Harvest Heartland of Silicon Valley, The Black Women's Health Imperative, Cultural Survival, several black-owned, Bay Area small businesses, multiple sclerosis (MS) awareness, and more.  Each specific organization listed is linked to its website, if you'd like to read more about these causes.

Pie-A-Deeg event that supported the World Wildlife Fund
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